Mobile Media Mania – How YOU Can CA$H In

Mobile Marketing Definition

Mobile marketing is often referred to as “short message service,” marketing or SMS marketing. However to assume that it is merely texting is entirely wrong.

Mobile Marketing History

Six years elapsed from the launch of SMS until the first advertising appeared using this new data media channel. A Finnish news service offered free news headlines via SMS, sponsored by advertising. This led to rapid experimentation in mobile marketing and mobile advertising. The world’s first conference to discuss mobile advertising was hosted in London in 2000, sponsored by the Wireless Marketing Association.

Mobile Marketing Facts

Mobile messages are received 90% of the time and 65% of marketing emails are opened on mobile devices in the US. Americans are ditching desktops and viewing marketing emails on their tablets and smartphones more than ever before, based on new research from Movable Ink. The US Consumer Device Preference Report 4th quarter 2013 reveals that 65% of marketing emails were opened on a tablet or smartphone during the 4th quarter of 2013 (up from 61% in the previous quarter), while desktop opens dropped to a new low of 35% (down from 39% in the previous quarter).

Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile marketing trends will change in next 2-3 years as mobile phones will not only be used for communicating or surfing the Internet, but also for paying for services and goods. It’s entirely possible in the foreseeable future that mobile devices will replace the debit and credit cards making purchases. vivo y21 4g

During 2012, Mobile Marketing generated about $139 billion in U. S. sales and may increase over the next two years by 52% to over $400 billion by 2015 according to a study made by the Mobile Marketing Association. U. S. companies are beginning to increase their spending on Mobile Marketing every year.

Thirty-eight percent of iPhone users spend more time reading emails. They spend 15 seconds or more reading each email. Coming in second were Android smartphone users, with 35% spending 15 seconds or more reading emails.

The popularity of tablets continues to grow, with over 16% of emails were opened on a tablet. Although Android tablets comprise only 1.8% of total email opens, this figure was two times as high as the previous quarter.

Apple tablets and smartphones constituted 50% of total email opens, a figure that was exactly the same in the third quarter. Android tablets and smartphones represented 14% of all email opens (a 10% increase).

A Nielsen research study revealed that in 2013 three out of five mobile users own a smartphone. The study also indicated that there has been a 10 percent increase in smartphone ownership from the previous year.

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